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Wilmington, IL – Many readers may know of the redbox located outside of Bellettini Foods in Wilmington, but did you also know you can rent movies for free? Here are a couple promo codes you can use to get free one night rentals. Use these in combination with our previously posted tip for free pizza to have yourself a complete movie and pizza night for just the cost of picking the items up.


To use the codes, touch the Rent With a Promo Code button on the home screen of the redbox. Type in one of the above codes and press ok. Now you just have to choose what movie you want to rent. You can confirm the code is in effect by checking the total listed at the bottom right corner of the screen. After you choose your movie, if the code has been entered correctly, you will see a total of $0.00. These codes can be used once per credit or debit card.

redbox itself offers one free movie rental on the first Monday of every month for anybody who signs up for their redbox text club. The service sends a text message to your cell phone on the first Monday of the month, and other offers throughout the month. They don’t barrage you with a bunch of messages, and it’s all free. If you have an unlimited texting plan, there’s no reason to not rent a free movie once a month.

Even if you don’t have a promo code to use, redbox rentals are just $1 a night, compared to non-competing uniformly priced $3 a night at every other rental option in town. Let everybody know what movies you rented with these codes (and what you thought of them) in the comments below!

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